Junglebirds helps you and your company gain economic, social and ecologic profit at the same time.

We believe in a holistic approach to create a new world in which sustainability and humanity rule. The world is one big system and every part of it affects every other part. That’s why we need to change our way of thinking on different levels; in the way we do business, rule countries and in how the humanitarian aid system ‘works’.

To create this world we need to rebuild our value system; reinvent old models and shape a new economy. We believe the world will change for the better if everyone would aim for economical; ecological and social profit at the same time. Just like eco systems in nature work.

This is what we call meaningful profit; the middle ground between profit and non-profit. Unfortunately this model doesn’t exist in our current legal system. You can only chose between starting a profit or a non-profit organisation. Therefore we chose to start both: