Coachings & retreats

“Eventually, all birds must leave the safety of the nest and become what they are meant to be. Have no fear of falling, and start flapping.”

I guide you on a journey to discover your true nature and give you the tools on how to convert this into performance. I help you overcome your limiting beliefs by using NLP, Neuro Semantics and shamanism. So that you are able to live your dream and dream your life into being.

  • Have you lost connection with what it is you truly desire?
  • Do you feel life is happening without you?
  • Do you miss meaning in your life?
  • Have you forgotten how to enjoy life?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you think it’s impossible to live your dream?
I help you to:
  • Live a more meaningful life and feel more fulfilled
  • Feel more in synch with yourself
  • Step out of the rat race and make you enjoy time off
  • Better understand yourself and develop deeper relationships
  • Live your full potential

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, vision quest guidance and multiple day retreats in the Netherlands and Portugal. Please contact me for more information or connect now for a free discovery session:  

Spread your wings and fly!