General information

The Junglebirds Foundation (Stichting Junglebirds) with registration number RSIN: 856438303 is a foundation created under Dutch law. Junglebirds was established by notarial deed on June 8th 2016 in order to a) directly and indirectly help people in humanitarian crises, by the (co) creation of future projects and b) stimulate the transition to a fair and sustainable future.

The Board Members are:

  • A. Van der Pol [president];
  • J. Andringa [treasurer];
  • F. Harmsen [secretary];

The Board shall have at least three members at all times. A decision can only be taken if approved by a Board majority. The Board Members, and thus the Foundation, operate independently from the donors and/or beneficiaries of the Foundation.

The Board Members are not entitled to a remuneration from the Foundation in respect to fulfilling his/her duty as a Board Member, except for a refund of out-of-pocket expenses incurred in fulfilling their obligations as a Board Member, provided these expenses are reasonable and non-excessive. They are also entitled to a non-excessive attendance fee.


Junglebirds aims to help people in crisis and stimulate the transition to a fair and sustainable future by building bridges and developing campaigns and projects. We offer our network, knowledge, experience, and financial support to large and small NGOs in order to provide structural change. At the same time, we strive to increase public awareness and understanding of the lives of those in crisis.

Junglebirds seeks to realize these objectives by:

  • Creating and supporting initiatives that empower people in need and increasing their chances of a happy life cialis generic.
  • Sharing knowledge and engaging locals and refugees in our projects.
  • Respecting and contributing to local economies and environments.

Junglebirds is a foundation operating as a commercial business and pays corporation tax according to the Dutch law. It does not strive to make a profit for itself with its activities. All profits are allocated to the cause of the foundation.


The resources of The Junglebirds Foundation consist of gifts and donations, subsidies, merchandise, bequests and legacies. We aim to spend a minimal amount of money on publicity, marketing, and/or old-fashioned fundraising. Instead, we focus on new ways of generating funding by offering products and services. We add value by making connections, sharing knowledge, and generating new partnerships.

The expenses of the foundation, including the expenses that will be made for fundraising, will be in reasonable proportion to the grants made in accordance with the purpose of the foundation.


The activities of Junglebirds are aimed at increasing the well-being of the planet and the creatures living on it. Junglebirds focuses on initiating and supporting (creative) projects that make a sustainable change. In this regard, Junglebirds will export products from Lesbos to Europe in order to support the local Greek economy and will send its profits to long-term projects aimed at helping refugees.

Administrative and financial affairs

The treasurer/vice president administrates all income and expenditures. Both the chairperson and the treasurer of the Board should approve any payments for the respective year.

Financial statements are drawn up annually and are subject to the approval and the annual general meeting of the Board by votes. These financial statements are published on the website of the Foundation within six months after the end of the relevant financial year.

Our secretary will draw up the minutes of every Board meeting.

Fiscal affairs

The Foundation will file a request with the Dutch Tax Authorities to become qualified as a Public Benefit Organization (“Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”).


The president of the Board will compose a report describing all carried out projects and related information each year. This report will be published on the website of the foundation every year.