General information

Tramadol Order Online Cod The Junglebirds Foundation (Stichting Junglebirds) with registration number RSIN: 856438303 is a foundation created under Dutch law. Junglebirds was established by notarial deed on June 8th 2016 in order to a) directly and indirectly help people in humanitarian crises, by the (co) creation of future projects and b) stimulate the transition to a fair and sustainable future.

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http://www.amibrokeracademy.com/amibroker/l670o9yf4 Statutory name: Stichting Junglebirds (Junglebirds Foundation) http://worship.swordofthespirit.net/nwmnrhvq1wm Chamber of Commerce registration nr:          66198755 http://ilinferno.com/1v27i1p30u RSIN/Tax number:                                          856438303 Banking details:                                              NL83TRIO0391196634 http://erinandersonstudio.com/rl3qfbuelzp Swift code:                                                      TRIONL2U


https://officepope.com/nhu5eiqno8y Contact details

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Stichting Junglebirds http://dry-cleaners.info/?ux2=j7svbo33b Javakade 548 https://pas1.com/3kv5b9tne0 1019 SE Amsterdam The Netherlands http://www.molyslip.co.uk/9cviirgpo3 Tel: +31 (0)612477877 http://www.amibrokeracademy.com/amibroker/ao5xffiks Email: http://www.amibrokeracademy.com/amibroker/phyc9v157i  info@junglebirds.org


Stichting Junglebirds’ executive board – which in 2018 was made up of Aranka van der Pol (Founder and director) – operates under the aegis of, and is advised by a Supervisory Board whose members receive no award but can be allocated a refund of out-of-pocket expenses, provided these expenses are reasonable and non-excessive.


Order Tramadol Next Day Delivery The Supervisory Board is made up of:

  • B. Zafiris, chairman
  • M. Lamers, treasurer
  • F. Harmsen, secretary

Ordering Tramadol From India The Supervisory Board is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the Foundation and the supervision of the Executive Board’s Management and policies.

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http://worship.swordofthespirit.net/8rf3lv3 The director will compose a report describing all carried out projects and related information each year. This report will be approved by the Supervisory Board and published on the website of the foundation every year.



Order Cheap Tramadol Overnight Junglebirds aims to stimulate the transition to a fair and sustainable future by building bridges and developing campaigns and projects. We offer our network, knowledge, experience, and financial support to large and small NGOs in order to provide structural change.


Cheap Tramadol By Cod Junglebirds seeks to realize these objectives by:

  • Creating and supporting initiatives that enable people and nature to thrive
  • Sharing knowledge and engaging people from different backgrounds in our projects.
  • Respecting and contributing to local economies and environments.

Tramadol Online Ireland Junglebirds is a foundation, leading a commercial business (Lots of Lesvos) and pays corporation tax according to the Dutch law. It does not strive to make a profit for itself with its activities. All profits are allocated to the cause of the foundation.

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The resources of The Junglebirds Foundation consist of gifts and donations, subsidies, merchandise, bequests and legacies. We aim to spend a minimal amount of money on publicity, marketing, and/or old-fashioned fundraising. Instead, we focus on new ways of generating funding by offering products and services. We add value by making connections, sharing knowledge, and generating new partnerships.

Buying Tramadol For Dogs The expenses of the foundation, including the expenses that will be made for fundraising, will be in reasonable proportion to the grants made in accordance with the purpose of the foundation.



The activities of Junglebirds are aimed at increasing the well-being of the planet and the creatures living on it. Junglebirds focuses on initiating and supporting (creative) projects that make a sustainable change. In this regard, Junglebirds exports products from Lesvos to Europe in order to support the local Greek economy and will send its profits to long-term projects aimed at supporting refugees.

Administrative and financial affairs

The director administrates all income and expenditures. The Supervisory Board should approve any payments for the respective year.

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Order Cheap Tramadol Online Cod Financial statements are drawn up annually and are subject to the approval and the annual general meeting of the Supervisory Board. These financial statements are published on the website of the Foundation within six months after the end of the relevant financial year.


http://www.wheregoesrose.com/eu06way Our secretary will draw up the minutes of every Board meeting.

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Fiscal affairs

https://pas1.com/k0pff3bu The Foundation will file a request with the Dutch Tax Authorities to become qualified as a Public Benefit Organization (“Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”).


Hereby an overview of our policy for the coming years and our yearly balance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via info@junglebirds.org.



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