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ONLINE cOUrse ‘DISCOVER YOUR Purpose’ (in Dutch)

What if you knew what your life’s purpose is, if you had the tools to clear the path to your ideal life? I invite you to initiate this process with me in this online live course ‘Discover Your Purpose’.

Are you at a crossroads in your life, but you don’t know which path to take? Do you miss meaning in everyday life? Or have you come to believe that being tired and over-stimulated is part of the deal, because many people around you experience the same thing? Are you looking for personal and business growth? 

In the 5-week online training ‘Discover your Purpose’ you go on a journey to discover your life’s purpose. In the interactive live sessions and exercises you will connect to your true nature, discover your talents, passions and skills, learn the techniques to transform your dragons and turn your vision into reality. 

The course consists of: 

– A 1 on 1 telephone introductory meeting of 15 minutes 
– 5 interactive online sessions of 1.5 hours 
– A workbook with teaching materials, exercises and extra insights 
– Opportunity to ask questions, personal support and to share experiences 
– Replay of the training, so that you can view it (again) at another time 

This course is in Dutch (soon also in English). It’s been given weekly live in May 2021. Day of the week and timing will be determined in consultation. The costs are 295 euros excl. VAT. 

Please register here for the course or book a free 15 min. intake session without any obligation.

We will work on the following themes: 

1. What is purpose? 
The first week you will learn about purpose, mission and vision. What do these actually mean? What can they do for you? And how and where can you find them? You will discover the difference between your “inner” and “outer” purpose and how you align them with each other so that you can experience true flow. 

2. Get to know yourself 
If you don’t know yourself well, you may find yourself adapting your life to the needs of others. To create the life YOU want to live, it is important to know who you are and who you want to be. With the help of individual assignments you get to know your talents, skills, values ​​and passions. 

3. The path of your heart 
This week you will discover how to walk the path of your heart. You learn to move from your head to your heart, where we touch a deeper layer of consciousness, also called the “inner knowing”. 

4. Embrace your dragons 
The closer you get to the path of your heart and your purpose, the more you will be confronted with doubts and fears. These are our limiting beliefs, our dragons, that emerge and hinder us in what we really want to achieve. This week we are going to face them and depending on what it takes: beat, transform or embrace them.

5. Action! 
In the last week of the training, we integrate the knowledge, insights and experiences gained. We make a step-by-step plan how you, with your purpose as a compass, can turn your vision into reality. 

This course is for professionals who: 

  • Stand at a crossroads in their lives 
  • Feel stuck in their current job 
  • Seek more meaning in their work and / or private life 
  • Want to grow personally and professionally 
  • Want to live their full potential 
  • Want to turn their vision into action 

After the course you will have: 

  • A better understanding of your purpose, vision and mission 
  • Contact with what is really meaningful to you 
  • Discover the path of your heart 
  • The techniques to transform your dragons 
  • Cleared the way to live your purpose 
  • Set a concrete step towards your ideal life 
  • A step-by-step plan to achieve your goal 

What makes this course unique?

Connect with your inner wisdom

Searching and finding your purpose is a unique inner journey. You usually don’t find it by thinking long and hard, reading dozens of books, or seeking advice from a career coach. Because the answers are hidden in your subconscious mind. There is no standard method or way to find your purpose. That is why I guide you on your personal journey of discovery where you learn to make contact with your subconscious mind and inner knowing. 

Individual process in a group 

The training focuses on your own individual process and is given in a small group. It takes courage, (inner) strength and perseverance to walk this path. That is why we have chosen to offer this journey in a group. The group energy works stimulating and enables to learn from each other and inspire and support each other along the way. 

About Me

I am a Certified NLP Practitioner by Robert Dilts at NLP University in Santa Cruz. And I am a certified professional NLP coach by Robbie Steinhouse at NLP School in London. In the past 18 years I have followed several Neuro Semantics training courses with Wassili Zafiris and Michael Hall. I also learn a lot from nature, Biomimicry and Shamanism (including from Alberto Villoldo and Sandra Ingerman). 
Previously I worked as a journalist, social entrepreneur and author.

I live with my husband Eric, son Mika and dog Ki in the middle of nature in southern Portugal. There I also give live coaching, Purpose Retreats and Transformation Quests. 

It is my life purpose to (re) connect people with their true nature, so that they can live their full potential. You can read more about me here.

Please register here for the course or book a free 15 min. intake session without any obligation.