I’m Aranka, founder of Junglebirds and Lots of Lesvos, (co-) author of 7 books and a professional coach (certified ITS Coach, NLP Master, NeuroSemantics and RETaC practitioner). I live with my husband, son and dog in South West Portugal.

I help entrepreneurs, leaders and high performing professionals to reconnect with their true nature and live a meaningful and happy life.


Are you feeling stuck?

You’re a ‘succesfull’ leader, entrepreneur or high performing professional, driven, accomplished, and always on the move. But sometimes, you feel stuck, miss meaning in your life, or are unable to break through to the next level. Most of the time, you don’t take time for yourself, even though you really need it. The daily grind keeps you too busy to make self-care and development a priority.

You tend to take action only when things start to fall apart— when work becomes overwhelming, relationships fail or your body starts to protest because you ignored its early warning signs. Wise leadership is about foresight, recognizing what’s needed, and taking the right steps at the right time.

You’re smart, curious, and resourceful and you prefer to do things yourself. You’re used to self-improvement through acquiring new skills, reading, or courses. But your true growth lies in stepping out of your comfort zone into unknown territory.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and embark on your leadership journey?

  • Gain more
    control over
    your life
  • Live and lead
    with ease
  • Transform
    beliefs &
  • Get aligned
    your purpose


Personal 1:1 coachings to transform limiting emotions and believes so that you can live a meaningful life in balance.

Do the Wise Leadership Test and discover where you are in your personal leadership journey.

Join a transformational Quest in The Netherlands or Portugal: one or more days completely dedicated to your personal growth.

Aranka Wise Leadership Coach

what can you expect?

my way of coaching

We have an online discovery session to see if it’s a match. I only coach people who I believe I can be of true value to and are as dedicated as I am.

I’m a certified coach by Ian Mc Dermott at the International Teaching Seminars, a certified NLP Master by Robert Dilts at the NLP University in Santa Cruz. I was also certified as professional NLP coach by Robbie Steinhouse at NLP School in London and I’m a member of the International Coach Federation. In the past 20 years I followed several trainings with Michael Hall and Wassili Zafiris and was certified as a Neuro Semantics and RETaC practitioner. Apart from coaching I’m fascinated by neuroscience and indigenous wisdom.

I have a down to earth way of coaching and I like painting outside of the box. I’m supportive, though not afraid to challenge you, always with respect and an open mind.

“Aranka is a great coach.
She is an empathetic
listener, does not judge,
and follows her
intuition to challenge to
dream big and be as
concrete as possible.”

Vincent van Wissem
owner van Wissem Consultancy.

“Aranka is passionately
driven to make a positive
change in both people’s lives
as in the world. She is a very
skilled coach that
I highly recommend.”

Ben Steenstra
Co-Founder TheONE

“Aranka helped me to get
clear on my purpose,
goals and limiting believes
and supported me with just
the right approach in order
to kick start my new project”

Esther Ruurda
Founder Malibu Shanga

“Aranka’s knowledge,
clear and transparent approach
has ensured that I have a clearer
picture of who I am and which
path I want to take.”

Nicci Severens
Founder Lotus Sailing