We help you achieve purpose with profit

What we do

It’s time for a transition. A transition to a new world. To a new economy. One that suits our needs just as our planet’s needs. One in which we can find meaning again. Junglebirds believes we can make this positive change by achieving purpose with profit. We help you and your company unleash your purpose and gain social, economic and ecological profit at the same time. We offer consultancy, tools and resources to develop next generation leaders that create a world in which people and nature thrive.


We help your company and charity achieve purpose with profit. So that your organisation keeps ahead of the curve and in synch with our future.
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Tools & resources

We offer workshops; seminars; events and content to help you achieve purpose with profit.


We support and start initiatives that achieve purpose with profit, like our project for and from locals and newcomers on Lesvos: Lots of Lesvos.
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Our projects

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” -Darwin

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles


Biomimicry ‘mimics’ natural systems. It’s the practice of adapting nature’s best ‘ideas’ to the invention of  sustainable tech...

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Guiding principles

Doughnut Economics

Humanity’s 21st century challenge is to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet. In other words: to ensure that no...

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Guiding principles

Circular Economy

Looking beyond the current “take, make and dispose” extractive industrial model, the circular economy is restorative.

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