The Junglebirds Foundation

The Junglebirds Foundation (Stichting Junglebirds) is Dutch Foundation with the mission to stimulate the transition to a fair and sustainable future.

Our first project Lots of Lesvos was initiated when our founder Aranka van der Pol first visited the island of Lesbos in the winter of 2015. The situation with the boat refugees coming from Turkey was dramatic and first aid was needed.

“When I came back to Amsterdam I couldn’t let go. Frequently I went back to helping people by giving them warm cloth and food. But structurally nothing changed and warm cloth was needed again and again. At the same time, the people were getting depressed; passive, and frustrated by their hopeless situation and dependency on others. I felt determined to make a structural change. A change that is both sustainable and empowering for everyone involved. A change that offers opportunity, dares to challenge, and inspires others.”

Together with a befriended entrepreneur on the island Aranka came up with the idea of importing high-quality olive oil; honey and salt & herbs and selling it in the Netherlands under the label Lots of Lesvos. We paid locals a fair price for their products and with its profits, we supported newcomers on the island. By doing so we aimed to change the way we ‘give aid’ and inspire companies and foundations to start similar projects that are economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable.

In July 2020 we transferred Lots of Lesvos to The Movement On The Ground Foundation who have a fixed presence on the island of Lesvos for many years. We are confident they will take Lots of Lesvos to the next level and create greater impact.

At the moment we’re working on new fair & sustainable projects and will inform you soon.


Junglebirds Foundation (Stichting Junglebirds) has been granted the status of Public Benefit Organization (Dutch acronym: ‘ANBI’) by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. The Dutch abbreviation means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen. Stichting Junglebirds is awarded as ANBI, donations to Junglebirds may be partially or fully deducted from taxable income. See for more information on the tax benefits on the site of the Tax and Customs Administration.


Statutory name: Stichting Junglebirds (Junglebirds Foundation)
Chamber of Commerce registration nr:          66198755 
RSIN/Tax number:                                          856438303
Banking details:                                              NL83TRIO0391196634
Swift code:                                                      TRIONL2U 

Fiscal affairs

Junglebirds is a foundation operating as a commercial business, that pays VAT according to the Dutch law. It does not strive to make a profit for itself with its activities. All profits are allocated to the cause of the foundation.

Contact details

Stichting Junglebirds
Graaf Florislaan 42
1405 BV Bussum
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)612477877 

Executive and Supervisory Board 

Stichting Junglebirds’ executive board – which in 2021 was made up of Aranka van der Pol (Founder and director) – operates under the aegis of, and is advised by a Supervisory Board whose members receive no award but can be allocated a refund of out-of-pocket expenses, provided these expenses are reasonable and non-excessive.

The Supervisory Board is made up of:

  • B. Zafiris 
  • M. Lamers 
  • F. Harmsen 

The Supervisory Board is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the Foundation and the supervision of the Executive Board’s Management and policies. 


An overview of our policy and reports. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via