“Aranka is great! Her coaching has helped me greatly in finding my purpose and reconnecting with my inner being. Aranka is highly skilled, full of energy and very inspiring. Highly recommend!”

Sam van der Schot, Legal Engineer at Loyens and Loeff, Amsterdam.

Aranka knows how to stimulate you to put aside all blinders, beliefs or obstacles. She helps you to bring out what you feel and know inside and to convert that into a vision and a plan.”

Annette Gerritsen, former speed skater, tv analist and presenter, Amsterdam.

“Aranka is passionately driven to make a positive change in both people’s life’s as in the world. She is a very skilled purpose coach that I highly recommend.”

Ben Steenstra, Co-Founder of TheONE, Amsterdam.

Aranka plays an important role before, during and after the transformation quest. Her mental support, suggestions and talks helped me make the most of this adventure. It is not easy to explain in words how all this affected me. A full moon, fasting, some sleepless nights and being alone in nature make a wonderful combination. Insights kept coming. Moments of happiness took longer and longer. It was unforgettable. Aranka, thank you very much for all you did to make this special. Nothing changed but everything is different.”

Marten Panman, entrepreneur, Bouliqeime, Portugal

“I got to know Aranka as a very driven, positive, conscious, caring and wise human that truly cares for the world and all living beings in it. Aranka helped me to get clear on my purpose, goals and limiting believes and supported me with just the right approach in order to kick start my new passion project Malibu Sangha.”

Esther Ruurda-Drake, Founder Malibu Sangha, Malibu.

The sessions with Aranka feel very familiar. She looks a layer deeper in the process to be able to make contact with your true potential. From her clear and calm presence she asks specific questions that provide more clarity. She is able to take a look at the timeless journey of your true nature and then describe these in practical goals so that they can be manifested in their own unique way in the here and now. “

Brechje de Vetten, yoga teacher and massage therapist, Abcoude.

“I highly recommend Aranka for her diligent professionalism and dedication to clients and the work she undertakes.”

Eleni Atsikbasis, founder Healing Lesvos, Athens.

Aranka is a great coach, she really helped me to sharpen my purpose. She is a good empathetic listener, does not judge, and follows her intuition to challenge to dream big and be as concrete as possible.”

Vincent van Wissem, Owner van Wissem Consultancy, Amsterdam.

“Aranka is attentive and thoughtful. She listens very mindfully and notices the right things to work on. By asking the right questions she is helping you to bridge the gap between your mind and soul to discover yourself better. Aranka can definitely help you to find your purpose, to go through the hard time or improve yourself. She is that kind of person you wanna talk for hours.”

Tanya Chaykina, concept/art producer, Moskow.

Aranka’s knowledge, clear and transparent approach has ensured that I have a clearer picture of who I am and which path I want to take.”

Nicci Severens, founder Lotus Sailing, Amsterdam.

“The Vision Quest was one of the most challenging months of my life but definitely the most rewarding and revealing. I’ve learnt so much about myself and have developed a greater insight into who I am and the world around me. Camping out in the beautiful Portuguese nature for three days with no food and only your own thoughts and the shamanic practices you have been taught was an extremely insightful and healing experience that I will never forget. All of this would not have been possible without Aranka, she is an exceptional coach and equally lovely person, she made me feel completely comfortable as she guided/coached me through the whole experience. I can’t recommend this experience enough, you will not be disappointed!”

James Ditty, Lagos.

Aranka coached me through the vision quest and it was an amazing experience I would highly recommend. She has a beautiful gentle nature and is extremely knowledgeable which allowed me get the most out of the experience. I felt well equipped going into it and feel I learnt a lot about myself and got real clarity about what is important in my life. An unforgettable experience. Thank you Aranka, I will definitely be back for more!

Mary Lynch, founder Mary Lynch Massage, Belfast.