The Junglebirds Foundation (Stichting Junglebirds) is a Dutch Foundation with the mission to stimulate the transition to a fair and sustainable future by helping people gain economic, social and ecologic profit at the same time.

We believe in the nature of people to positively change the world we are living in. By nature, people want to grow; develop themselves and are compassionate towards others. But in our hectic (digital) lives we lost connection with our nature. Every day we struggle with thousands of stimulants and seductions. This makes us continuously reacting; consuming and striving for financial growth. But in this constant endeavour for more, we lost our empathy. We lost our contact with nature. We lost ourselves. With our projects we like people to reconnect with (their) nature and stimulate the transition to a future in which people and nature thrive.

Our first project Lots of Lesvos was initiated when our founder Aranka van der Pol first visited the island of Lesbos in the winter of 2015. The situation with the boat refugees coming from Turkey was dramatic and first aid was needed.

When I came back to Amsterdam I couldn’t let go. Frequently I went back helping people by giving them warm cloth and food. But structurally nothing changed and warm cloth were needed again and again. At the same time the people were getting depressed; passive and frustrated by their hopeless situation and dependency on others. I felt determined to make a structural change. A change that is both sustainable and empowering for everyone involved. A change that offers opportunity, dares to challenge and inspires others.

Together with a befriended entrepreneur on the island we came up with the idea of importing high quality olive oil; honey and salt & herbs and selling it in the Netherlands under the label Lots of Lesvos. We pay locals a fair price for their products and with its profits we support newcomers on the island. By doing so we aim to change the way we ‘give aid’ and inspire companies and foundations to start similar projects that are economically, socially and ecological sustainable.

We like to expand the brand Lots of Lesvos to more than products and help change the situation on the island by connecting people and reframing the image of the island and the wonderful people living on it; with all their talents, cultural background, skills and stories.