Introducing the Wisdom Compass: navigating the jungle of life

In our ever-changing and uncertain world, where the speed of change is unprecedented, and the need for wisdom is greater than ever, we like to offer you a brand new tool: The Wisdom Compass, designed to help you navigate through the jungle of life and become a wise leader. 

The Wisdom Compass

Drawing upon research from the fields of NLP, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom, the Wisdom Compass offers a unique approach to personal and professional development.

Four types of leaders

The Wisdom Compass shows four types of leaders: the Idealistic leader, the Successful leader, the Heroic leader and the Wise leader. The first three leaders master some key sub-areas of wisdom, but also lag behind in another sub-area. Only when the leader masters all sub-areas he/she/them is a Wise Leader. 

Becoming a Wise Leader

At its core, the Wisdom Compass focuses on three fundamental areas that contribute to becoming a wise leader: Experiences, Self, and World. By embracing these areas and mastering their associated practices, individuals can unlock their true potential and embark on a journey toward wisdom.

Regulating our emotions 

The first component, Experiences, emphasizes the importance of actively engaging in physical and mental practices. It encourages individuals to learn from, heal and transform emotions connected to their experiences by using a new method based on groundbreaking research about how our emotions work. With this method individuals gain valuable insights and develop resilience in the face of challenges.

Developing a healthy self-image

The second component, Self, revolves around developing a healthy self-image through personal self-development. This involves nurturing self-awareness, cultivating positive beliefs and attitudes, and fostering a growth mindset. By working on oneself, individuals enhance their ability to lead with authenticity and inspire others.

Aligning with purpose

The third component, World, focuses on finding meaning in life by aligning oneself with a higher purpose. It encourages individuals to explore their values, passions, and aspirations, and to seek opportunities to contribute to something greater than themselves. By aligning their actions with a sense of purpose, individuals can lead with intention and create a positive impact on the world around them.

The key components of wisdom

Depending on where individuals stand in their lives, the Wisdom Compass provides specific directions to help overcome challenges and progress on the path to wisdom. By mastering the three fields within the Wisdom Compass, individuals gain access to the seven components that lie at its heart.

Scientific research, conducted by Dr. Dilip Jeste, has identified the key components of wisdom. These components include prosocial behaviors, emotional regulation, self-reflection and understanding, acceptance of uncertainty and diverse perspectives, decisiveness in uncertainty, social advising, and spirituality. 

Emotional regulation

These traits interconnect and influence one another, with emotional regulation playing a central role. Thanks to groundbreaking research by Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett and a new developed coaching method by change expert Wassili Zafiris, we now have the tools to understand and transform our emotions. By leveraging this knowledge, the Wisdom Compass can train individuals to become wiser.

Perspective of indigenous cultures

The Wisdom Compass also embraces a wider perspective, drawing inspiration from indigenous cultures that emphasize the interconnectedness of all beings within the ecosystem. It recognizes the importance of community, rituals, and nature in the process of healing, growth, and wisdom. The animals represented in the compass symbolize this interconnectedness and serve as a reminder of our deep connection to the world around us.

We need Wise Leaders more than ever!

In this era of rapid change, cultural shifts, and social transformations, cultivating wisdom is more critical than ever. Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient to navigate the complexities of our world. As leaders, we must embrace a new paradigm—one that values wisdom, diversity, and inclusion. The Wisdom Compass offers a unique opportunity to develop the wisdom required to lead effectively in this new normal.

Are you ready to embrace the reality of our ever-changing world? Are you courageous and wise enough to take ownership of a new leadership approach? If so, the Wisdom Compass is here to guide you. Explore the possibilities of becoming a Wise Leader by applying the tools and practices of the Wisdom Compass to your professional development. 

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